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Bury The Hatchet

Bury The Hatchet
04 August 2018
The Hope Theatre
4.5 out of 5.0 stars

I had wanted to see Bury The Hatchet when it was on at the Vault Festival, but couldn’t make the timing due to its early start time. So when it came around to a short run at the Hope Theatre, I just had to go and check out.

Touted as a feminist musical about Lizzie Borden, it sounded like just my thing! And coincidentally, it was running on the 4th of August, the anniversary of the Borden murders. Conditions couldn’t have been more perfect.

The theatre itself is very small, but was quite packed for this show. It felt very intimate and close due to the limited venue, but this definitely worked in the show’s advantage.

Starting off with a true crime esque retelling of the story as it happened, it quickly changes into a fun, modern re-imagining of the 126 year old unsolved crime and the circumstances surrounding it. Peppered with a plethora of wit and humour, Bury The Hatchet is super entertaining, whether you know everything or absolutely nothing about Lizzie Borden.

With fun, comedic songs weaved into the performance, it’s a brilliant show with lots of information and imagination.

Blending true crime with musicals was sure to hit the spot for me.

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