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Comedy shows.

Mind Mangler

Plaza Suite

Accidental Death of an Anarchist

Die Acht Millionäre

The Comedy Of Errors

Operation Mincemeat

Criminally Untrue

Daniel Foxx

Locomotive For Murder

Queer Planet

The Bean Spillers

Police Cops: Badass Be Thy Name


666 Hell Lane

Bloody Mary: Live!

Diana, the untold and untrue story

Peter Pan’s Labyrinth


The Witches Of Oz

Whodunnit Unrehearsed 2

Quarter Life Crisis

Fanny And Stella

School Of Rock

Beauty And The Beast

Fanatical – The Sci-Fi Convention Musical

Don Quixote

Sh*tfaced Oliver With A Twist

Escape From Planet Trash

Derrière On A G String

Sh!t-faced Shakespeare – Hamlet

Dark Sublime

Present Laughter

Night Of The Living Dead Live

Great British Mysteries – 1599


The Rocky Horror Picture Show – 2019 World Tour

Grindr The Opera

The Hound Of The Baskervilles

Book Of Mormon


We’ve Got Each Other

The Mechanicals – Camden Fringe

God – The Untold Story

Ruthless! The Musical

Lady Windemere’s Fan

Young Frankenstein

Police Cops In Space

The People’s Rock

Two Petite Pantos

House On Haunted Hill

Better Together

Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre Do Shakespeare

Hans: Mein Camp

Great British Mysteries? 

Holy Crap


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