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The Constituent

The Constituent
25 June 2024
Old Vic
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

The Constituent, currently on at the Old Vic until 10 August, is an extremely timely play, even more so as I saw it in the week running up to the general election. A short production, with a running time of just an hour and a half without an interval, it packs a lot into the short duration.

Monica is an MP working hard to try to be there for her constituents, listening to their grievances and making their voices heard. When she has a new security system installed in her office, she meets Alec, an ex-military man whose life is slowly falling apart. What begins as a benign conversation between MP and constituent quickly turns into a web of hidden threats and pleas for help. When a parliamentary protection officer with a short fuse steps between the two, things escalate dramatically.

The story is very well told, slowly building with mild foreshadowing and gradual behaviour changes. A man in crisis, a woman committed to helping people struggling to set effective boundaries, it’s a tense tale told very compellingly.

James Corden’s over-acting does actually suit the role he is given in this production, while Anna Maxwell Martin effortlessly navigates Monica’s emotional struggles. It’s a fantastic production that feels extremely contemporary, examining our current political climate without being heavy handed.

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