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Diva: Live From Hell

Diva: Live From Hell
15 June 2024
King’s Head Theatre
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Diva: Live From Hell, currently running at the King’s Head Theatre, is a solo musical starring Luke Bayer as Desmond Channing, president of his high school drama club, star of every high school performance, and all out musical theatre diva. As punishment for his deeds, he must retell the story of how he ended up in hell over and over and over, and the audience gets to witness the full story as told by Desmond himself.

Taking on all the roles of this hilarious whirlwind drama, Desmond relives his own downfall. When transfer student Evan Harris arrives from New York, he turns the high schooler’s world upside down, not only immediately connecting with Desmond’s love interest, but also quickly showing his skill and talent rivals that of the self-absorbed diva, leading to a devastatingly brutal snap decision that lands the young performer in his everlasting torment in hell.

Told with a lot of energy and so much attitude, it’s a wild ride through ambition and jealousy. Clever use of the small scale set, and repeated banter with the band on the side of the stage as well as the audience makes this a stand-out show that will have you laughing at things you really shouldn’t. But it’s okay, we’re in hell after all!

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