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Houdini’s Greatest Escape

Houdini’s Greatest Escape
15 June 2024
King’s Head Theatre
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Houdini’s Greatest Escape is a hilarious, whirlwind production by New Old Friends, currently playing at the King’s Head Theatre until the 30th June.

Harry Houdini, world renowned magician and escapist, and his wife Bess are on a mission to expose fraudulent mediums as the scam artists they are, but do not realise how deep spiritualist Agatha’s connection to the underworld really run. They find themselves framed for murder and hunted down by the criminal underworld as well as the police.

This non-stop, action packed romp includes intrigue, romance, daring escapes, and of course magic tricks! An adventure of mistaken identities, unravelling plots, and intricately choreographed multi-role scenes that see a single actor whisking through costume and prop pieces with comical speed.

A fun story wrapped in 1900s gangster aesthetic, brilliantly presented with charm and sharp wit, and so many funny moments, it’ll have you roaring with laughter!

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