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Spirited Away

Spirited Away
13 June 2024
London Coliseum
5.0 out of 5.0 stars

It was finally time for Spirited Away! We secured our tickets almost a year ago and sat in eager anticipation for many months, until it was finally time to settle into our front row seats and enjoy this spectacle.

As the production is brought over to London with the original Japanese cast, and shown with surtitles on the side of the stage, I decided to watch the film again the night before I went to see the show, so I wouldn’t have to read along but could just focus on what is happening on stage. I’d definitely recommend this to anyone who isn’t fluent in Japanese, as this show is so visually stunning, you really don’t want to miss a single second to quickly glance at the surtitling screens.

The story is retold with incredible accuracy to the animated film, both in visual and storytelling aspects, with stunningly designed puppets, expertly brought to life by the remarkable cast of puppeteers.

The set itself is cleverly designed on a revolving stage and easily doubles for a variety of different locations with just a few design elements being raised or lowered, or spun around. It’s a gorgeous fairy tale scenery that works incredibly well for this production. With a stunning cast and live orchestra, the whole story comes to life beautifully, immersing the audience in a fantastical world of spirits and magic.

An absolutely enchanting show, leaving us stunned and in awe at the beauty and charm of this production.

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