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Clerkenwell Bio-Botanics

Clerkenwell Bio-Botanics / Vegetables
08 June 2024
Clerkenwell Fire Station
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Brand new immersive theatre production Vegetables, by Muddled Marauders, started its run in early June, and if you can grab yourself a ticket, I highly recommend you do!

Vegetables is set in an old building in Clerkenwell, where we have been invited to a product showcase by Clerkenwell Bio-Botanics, a brand new project seeking to heal humans of all sorts of physical and psychological conditions. The exact details are of course classified and I cannot divulge too much of what actually happened. Sworn to secrecy and all that.

The show is incredibly immersive, with some very interesting, and slightly unhinged, medical procedure ideas (nothing too gory of course, it’s entertainment after all) that are presented incredibly well. The actors really sell their roles very convincingly and envelop the audience in a bizarre and fascinating story that twists its way from groundbreaking medical developments to the darker personal history of some of the people involved.

At times humorous, at times alarming, it’s another fantastic immersive showcase in London that goes a different direction, forging its own personality and highly entertaining attendees in a world that reminds of cooky professors and unhinged inventors, relying on storyline and props in equal measure and fully involving the audience. We very much enjoyed this show!

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