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Two Strangers Carry A Cake Across New York

Two Strangers Carry A Cake Across New York
24 May 2024
Criterion Theatre
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Currently playing at the Criterion theatre until 31st August, Two Strangers (Carry A Cake Across New York) is the West End’s newest romcom musical addition, starring Dujonna Gift and Sam Tutty.

Dougal, an incredibly bubbly and optimistic young Brit, freshly landed in New York to attend his father’s second wedding. He has never met his father, never had contact with him, but unexpectedly received a wedding invitation and immediately spin dreams of reconnecting with a man who was completely absent from his life. At the airport he meets Robin, the bride’s sister who is around the same age as Dougal himself. Not deterred by this revelation at all, he instantly jumps into joking about going out on the town with his new auntie, Robin is pretty much the exact polar opposite to him, a busy New Yorker who is late for work and sick of running all her sister’s errands for the wedding.

The narrative is quite simplistic with few surprises, but funny and charming enough to hold the audience’s attention. Dougal’s upbeat personality carries much of the whirlwind story of messed up family dynamics, broken dreams and new hopes. Light entertainment with a plethora of laughs but not too much depth.

If humorous romcoms that leave a spring in your step are your thing, you’ll definitely enjoy this one!

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