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Passing Strange

Passing Strange
23 May 2024
Young Vic
5.0 out of 5.0 stars

The European premier of Tony award winning musical Passing Strange is currently playing at the Young Vic, running until 6th July.

This very loud, very dynamic rock musical is a wild ride through the 80s. Starting in a middle-class, church going setting in L.A., a young man decides to discover what else the world holds for him, setting off to Europe for new experiences. He finds a new family in Amsterdam and joins counter-culture protests in Berlin, trying to find himself and decide what to do with his life.

A musical that is more rock concert than typical musical theatre, boasting a score that runs through gospel, funk, rock and punk with loud beats and mostly sung-through narration by the un-named rock musician looking back at his life, occasionally interrupting the plot and interacting with his younger self on stage, mesmerisingly leading through his own coming of age story.

Charismatic, engaging, and provocative, Passing Strange is a powerhouse of movement and sound, with a big personality that sweeps the audience away. From religious awakenings in a baptist church, over sexual awakening in an Amsterdam commune, to self discovery through radical protests with a visionary art collective in Berlin, it’s a wild ride that is perfectly accompanied with a powerful soundtrack, vivid personalities, and non-stop high-energy music.

A story of finding ones place, discovering ones self, sacrifices and epiphanies, trying on different shoes and chasing the real, stunningly put together in a roaring rock musical, Passing Strange is the show that has caught me the most this year thus far. So much so, I have already booked to see the show again.

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