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Girls Really Listen to Me

Girls Really Listen to Me
20 May 2024
Pleasance Theatre
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Girls Really Listen To Me is a work in progress one-woman Edinburgh preview. Written and performed by Eleanor Greene, it revolves around Madeleine, a very privileged Upper East Side of Manhattan teenager who monologues about her life and experiences in her little social bubble.

Madeleine is an underage party girl who revels in her influence over her peers, distractedly scrolling through her phone throughout the performance. She casually speaks on social dynamics and the lack of consequences in her life, parading her privilege like a badge of honour and confronting the audience with her distorted view of the world.

Throughout her disinterested monologue, she reveals the depths of loneliness and yearning for meaning in small, poignant stories of boundless parties and manipulations of her peers. Presenting herself as the biggest influence in her school, the facade cracks when she recalls the assault of a friend through a distorted lens of peer pressure, unconscious deprivation of meaningful connections, expectations set by her upbringing, and the lack of role models and parental love in her life.

The disinterested and severely repressed way in which Madeleine casually speaks of traumatic experiences is stark and thought provoking, an emotional, darkly comedic look at modern teenagehood in the age of social media dominance and dearth of real connection between peers. A great monologue with a deep impact that feels slice-of-life in a reality TV world.

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