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Minority Report

Minority Report
18 May 2024
Lyric Hammersmith
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

A brand new adaptation of Minority Report had a recent run at the Lyric Hammersmith theatre. Sci-Fi can be very difficult to adapt to a stage production, especially a story that is largely based on a mental concept in a futuristic world. But this production does so expertly with many contemporary updates and changes to the story to make it work better so close to the time it is set in, incorporating AI and tracking technology in clever ways and changing the main character from a cop to a scientist.

Julia Anderton is one of the founding researchers who have led to the development of pre-crime in the UK, having specialised in neuroscience and running several studies on what happens inside the brain when a person decides to commit a crime. Based on this research and with the help of microchips that continuously scan brain activity of every British citizen (in the play it is there chips that can be manipulated, rather than having actual eye transplants like the film, a more scientifically grounded and less graphic version) thus creating a very safe society where people are arrested when they decide to commit a crime, long before they actually commit it.

But when Anderton herself is read as having decided to commit murder, she flees and tries to find where the technology went wrong, being wholly convinced that she would never end someone’s life willingly. A wild chase ensues and many hidden motives and conspiracies are uncovered on the way.

With a brilliantly futuristic set that doesn’t go too overboard (especially considering that we are only 26 years away from 2050, the year the story is set in) but works fantastically to set the mood and whisk the audience from scene to scene, understated choreographies that deepen the sense of foreboding, and a well flowing, if a little overly dramatic, storyline that rewrites Minority Report while preserving its soul and message. A gorgeous production that will surely return to another theatre very soon!

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