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Opera Locos

Opera Locos
08 May 2024
Peacock Theatre
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

The Opera Locos is a whirlwind comedy show of unexpected superlatives. Effortlessly blending classic opera and contemporary music in surprising scenes, it’s an impressive show of skill and humour.

Five eccentric opera singers weave a loose storyline of love, friendship, and self-discovery in this sketch show with a twist. Combining rock and pop classics into some of the most well known opera hits, the Opera Locos leans heavily onto the second word in their title. The extravagant costumes and hilarious physical comedy infuses a modern twist into the classical performances, entertaining and impressing an audience of all ages. Shows like this definitely make opera more accessible for younger audiences and those who are not usually attracted to opera on its own.

With a plethora of laughs and cleverly woven stories, the Opera Locos is peak entertainment with a high standard of classical training. A wonderful show that will keep you smiling while marvelling at the clever twists and seamless integration of different styles of music, an absolute triumph!

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