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Ushers, The Musical

Ushers, The Musical
04 May 2024
The Other Palace
5.0 out of 5.0 stars

Ten years after its first run, Ushers, The Musical, finally got another run in London, and it hits like a force of nature! The musical focuses on five Ushers and their overbearing manager as they struggle with work pressure, audience behaviours, and struggles in their personal lives.

Peppered with a myriad of extremely contemporary references to current shows and actors throughout London, it’s an upbeat comedy feast for any theatre geek! Expertly roasting the wildest etiquette breaches while weaving a beautiful little story between the charismatic characters, Ushers might be a little niche, but for anyone who’s been inside a theatre more than a few times, it will feel very familiar. There is so much humour and so much heart in this story of love, hope, dreams, and the worst offenders of theatre etiquette violations. This musical doesn’t need a big stage or huge effects to be touching and right in your face, just a handful of brilliant performers who craft such hilariously familiar characters that it’s simply a delight to watch.

I hope this one gets a bigger run very soon as it’s such a fun and uplifting little show that really raised the mood of every single person in the audience!

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