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Gingerline – The Grand Expedition

The Grand Expedition
28 April 2024
The Film Shed
5.0 out of 5.0 stars

Having been to several Gingerline events previously, I simply had to secure my spot for the revival production of The Grand Expedition, currently staged in Dalston, East London.

Not quite as immersive as the Chambers of Flavour shows I have attended, this one has the audience seated in hot air balloon baskets throughout the performance. As we are swept on a culinary journey around the world, the intrepid explorers dance and perform around us wordlessly, changing their dress and dance to suit the locations we discover.

The food menu is, as always, absolutely stunning. And this time, they even had paired non-alcoholic cocktails to go with the four courses served. As someone who doesn’t drink alcohol, I very much appreciated this option, with delicious cocktails to match each dish served.

The aesthetic of the show is firmly in the whimsical storybook sphere, with a beautifully narrated story to match and gorgeous illustrations projected onto the walls around the myriad of hot air balloons in the room. Whimsically eccentric interactions with the explorers who entertain and serve our meals keep the audience entertained throughout, while delicious meals satisfy the curious palates of the audience.

With stellar customer service, a beautiful story, stunning flavour combinations, and breathtaking immersive performances, The Grand Expedition is a beautiful production by Gingerline. Not quite reaching the heights of the Chambers of Flavour, but a fantastic comeback for this amazing company. I cannot wait to see what they produce next!

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