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Sister Act

Sister Act
15 April 2024
Dominion Theatre
3.0 out of 5.0 stars

Sister Act The Musical, based on the film of the same name, has been off to a rough start, originally being scheduled to open in 2020. I finally made it to see it during its run at the Dominion Theatre.

Sister Act is a comedic film released in 1992 in which lounge singer Deloris Van Cartier witnesses a murder committed by her boyfriend, a mobster named Vince LaRocca. To protect her, the police hide Deloris in a convent under the guise of being a nun. Initially resistant to the strict and disciplined lifestyle, Deloris eventually finds her place within the convent community and transforms the choir into a lively and soulful ensemble. As she helps the nuns discover their musical talents, she also learns valuable lessons about friendship, selflessness, and the power of redemption. The film culminates in a heartwarming and joyous performance by the choir, bringing together the convent and the community in a celebration of music and unity.

The musical of course follows the plot very closely, but adds a selection of songs to the plot itself. Seeing as Sister Act is one of my favourite films from the 90s, one that has aged surprisingly well for the decade it was made in, I was expecting it to be a celebration of soul and gospel music. However, the songs strewn throughout the plot are very bland and more sung-through plot than upbeat bangers. This poses a stark juxtaposition to the beautiful performances of the nuns later in the show. For this one, I wish they would have gone with a jukebox musical treatment, incorporating songs from the early 90s into the plot rather than writing their own music which just doesn’t hold up to the expectations set by the music in the film.

While it is still a fun musical production, it just didn’t live up to expectations for me personally.

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