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Ghost Stories of an Antiquary

Ghost Stories of an Antiquary
16 April 2024
Longfield Hall
3.0 out of 5.0 stars

Midnight Circle productions bring another semi-immersive story to life with Ghost Stories of an Antiquary, a show inspired by a selection of M.R James book of the same name.

In a small hall in Brixton, patrons are swept away into a spooky setting. An air raid in the 1940s finds us confined to a dark room, with our host encouraging his companions to tell ghost stories.

The stories themselves are told very well, but not quite brought to life fully, and the interactions with the audience are peripheral at best. This production could have benefited from a venue with several smaller rooms that would have allowed each story to have its own setting befitting the plot. As all stories take place in the same community hall space, it does feel a bit lacklustre at times.

While the cast fully throw themselves into their roles, inhabiting them with ease and creating a spooky atmosphere, the breaks between stories feel somewhat stark and break immersion at times.

Overall a fun little storytelling production with a spooky setting that could have been darker and more immersive with a few adjustments to the venue and proceedings. Still, it was a good bit of fun for a weeknight.

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