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Mind Mangler

Mind Mangler
21 March 2024
Apollo Theatre
3.0 out of 5.0 stars

Mischief’s newest theatre production, Mind Mangler – Member of the Tragic Circle, is currently playing at the Apollo theatre. The one on Shaftesbury Avenue, not the one in Victoria, nor the one in Hammersmith. Why does London have so many theatres with the same name?

Having enjoyed previous Mischief shows, this one looked great on paper. A magic and mind reading show that continuously goes wrong in the most hilarious ways.

The show is indeed hilarious, but unfortunately also quite samey at times. There is only so much that can be done with this idea, and having the same thing happen several times in only slightly different ways lessens the entertainment value each time. However, there are some fantastic moments in the show that rely on audience interaction and do stun and elate simultaneously. Other skits seem unnecessarily drawn out for very little pay-off and could easily have been condensed down.

Not the highest quality show from Mischief, but a good bit of entertainment none the less!

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