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StreetHunt – Colombia’s Finest

Colombia’s Finest
09 March 2024
Fleet Street
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

It’s been a while since I’ve done an escape room / puzzle hunt type game. Recently I got to try out StreetHunt Games’ Colombia’s Finest, an outdoor city hunt murder mystery in central London.

Colombia’s Finest starts near Fleet Street, in a tiny little square where we get introduced to the story. The game is navigated via a website, where locations pop up throughout the story. Players meet with virtual informants, answering riddles pertaining to the location to gain access to information. Our main source runs a small coffee roastery and has found some shady going ons between his employees. We are tasked with tracking down their whereabouts at specific times and unravel the story of drug smuggling and murder.

With each informant we interview, we gain more information and put together the threads to unveil the true story. There are no actor interactions at all, the whole trail is self-guided with a suggested break halfway through, when players have a chance to chill at a cosy pub before heading back out. All information is given through the website accessible with the booking information, and all messages and exchanges can be re-read throughout.

It’s a bit of a tangled web, but bit by bit we were able to figure out what had actually happened, successfully solving the case and learning bits about local history on the way. I’d say this game is a low-to-medium difficulty that’s quite fun to play but not too much of a brain teaser. Suitable for couples or small groups, and can be played with several groups simultaneously as a competitive challenge. I definitely enjoyed doing this hunt on a sunny Saturday, though I would have liked a bit higher difficulty.

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