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Oedipus Electronica

Oedipus Electronica
07 March 2024
Brixton House
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

I finally got to check out Brixton House for the Pecho Mama production of Oedipus Electronica, a radical re-imagining of the Greek myth.

A gorgeous community venue minutes from Brixton station, Brixton House is dedicated to support creativity and expression for everyone, to foster an inclusive and vibrant community. The beautiful theatre space presents a plethora of new and emerging talent.

Tackling one of the most famous and explosive of the Greek myths, Pecho Mama reframes the story of Oedipus from a female perspective. Jo is a playwright, creating her retelling of Oedipus right in front of the audience’s eyes. As she struggles through emotional turmoil of facing fertility problems and an emergency hysterectomy while also mourning the loss of a child two decades prior, she dreams up a world where her son didn’t die in infancy. Tackling the emotional turmoil, Jo feverishly writes her version of the story while facing life-changing surgery ticking every closer.

The show is visceral and impactful, accompanied with a live band and full of desperation and imagination. A whirlwind of twists and surprises, stuffed to the brim with bare emotionality. Turning an explosive myth into an even more explosive exploration of a woman’s psyche is no small feat, and this piece accomplishes it with fearless abandon. An absolutely striking spectacle!

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