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Murder Trial Tonight 2

Murder Trial Tonight 2
02 February 2024
Sadler’s Wells
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

As someone who enjoys a good true crime show, I’ve been curious about the Murder Trial Tonight shows for a while. So when I was given a ticket to see their new production, Murder Trial Tonight 2, at the Sadler’s Wells theatre, I had to check it out and see if it’s any good.

The setup is quite simple, the stage decked out like a courtroom, with the audience filling in as the jury. The show starts off with a short video compilation, showing a short scene from before the incident, as well as the immediate aftermath. Heather Banks is on a short holiday with her husband, having a nice dinner before returning to the hotel, but on the way they cut off a van driver, who reacts very angrily. Shortly after, a blood covered Heather is seen waving down an oncoming driver, reporting that her husband was murdered by the van driver on a lonely country road in a road rage incident.

After the short video, we are transported to the courtroom, where the prosecution and defence lay down their sides of the case. Heather Banks is portrayed as a money hungry gold digger by her late husband’s daughter, while the defence leads with character witnesses and CCTV coverage of the van driver reacting angrily before driving off in the opposite direction. There is a lot of back and forth, details coming to light bit by bit, different witnesses describing the accused in opposing terms. It’s quite well done overall, keeping the audience guessing about the truth of the situation.

Towards the end, the audience is asked to vote whether they believe Heather is guilty or innocent, through a QR code that takes them straight to a website offering up a vote option.

The audience on the night I attended voted 63 to 37 percent, but didn’t quite get the solution right, as the show ends with a short video showing what actually went down that night on the lonely country road. It wasn’t an easy call to make as the evidence was contrary and muddled, but presented very well from both sides with strong cases made for both guilt and innocence.

Murder Trail Tonight is an interesting take on true crime, taking a real case as the basis for a dramatised scenario.

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