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Bronco Billy

Bronco Billy
25 January 2024
Charing Cross Theatre
5.0 out of 5.0 stars

Bronco Billy is a brand new musical comedy, based on the 1980 Clint Eastwood film of the same name. Now, I’ve never seen the film, but I love musicals and had to check this one out.

The story is set in America in 1979, where Bronco Billy and his Wild West trick shooting roadshow travel the country, trying to make ends meet. When Billy meets Antoinette Lily, an heiress in hiding from her evil stepmother, their luck takes a turn through her excellent business skills and enterprising spirit. The two grow closer, while Antoinette’s adversary is hot on their trail.

The show is extremely light-hearted, with upbeat songs and a very enthusiastic cast. It also has the possibly best villain I’ve seen in a musical, an extremely overdrawn, kitschy, hilariously flamboyant evil stepmother who would do anything to inherit her late husband’s fortune. Her antics are the definite highlight of the show, brilliantly played by Victoria Hamilton-Barritt.

With Bronco Billy’s roadshow companions growing into a tight-knit family who work together to make their dreams come true, there’s such a strong community spirit threading its way through the musical, the slow burn love story between the main characters feels almost like a side note, putting more emphasis on friendship, company, and finding yourself.

Tarinn Callender and Emily Benjamin are brilliant leads in this fun and spirited new musical, an absolute joy to watch!

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