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A Christmas Carol – As told By Jacob Marley (deceased)

A Christmas Carol – As told By Jacob Marley (deceased)
23 December 2023
The White Bear
5.0 out of 5.0 stars

In my quest to collect all the Carols, I found myself at the White Bear pub in Kennington, which is a beautifully decorated Fuller’s that has a very cosy vibe to it, so was perfect for a pre-show hangout.

A Christmas Carol, as told by Jacob Marley (deceased) is a Brother Wolf production starring James Hyland as the ghost of Jacob Marley. This one’s a very moody production that takes a look at the story from the perspective of Marley, who has been wandering the world in his heavy shackles and chains for almost two centuries. The weary, worn apparition gets a short reprieve from his torment to tell us of his greatest success, the story of Ebenezer Scrooge.

The costume and make-up design for this show is superb, Hyland is suitably covered in grey paint, torn and soiled clothes held in shades of grey as well, with a loudly jangling chain wrapped around him, evoking the image of a long deceased Marley journeying through the world of the living to atone for his sins in life. The visuals are amazing for this small-scale production.

As far as the story telling goes, this one is an absolute masterclass in one-man shows! The dynamic way in which Hyland embodies all the different characters with distinct voices, postures, facial expressions, is outstanding, energetically jumping from scene to scene and involving the audience at times.

What a joy this show was, I cannot overstate how much fun this version of A Christmas Carol really is!

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