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The Lost Library of Spitalfields Market

The Lost Library of Spitalfields Market
21 December 2023
Spitalfields Market
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

The Greenhouse Theatre is a relatively new project aiming to create sustainable, zero-waste theatre. Their latest project is The Lost Library of Spitalfields Market, a small production in the heart of Spitalfields.

The venue is one of the small shops in the market itself, with an itty bitty zero-waste bar at the front (it’s super tiny, even for a small theatre, so most patrons had to wait outside for doors to open) and a small theatre arranged in the round. Here, in this pop-up theatre, we find the Lost Library of Spitalfields Market, decked out in dark wood panelling around the walls, and filled with antique furniture holding many curious objects.

On Christmas Eve, Isla is lost and wanders into what she believes to be a junk shop. The young girl is looking for a gift for her mother, something to cheer her up after a difficult year, but when she meets the owner of the shop, she is in for a surprise. This place isn’t a shop, you cannot buy the curios on display, it is a library of stories.

After a rocky starts, Isla and the librarian delve into the history of the library itself, and the stories held within. It’s a beautiful, heartfelt collection of personal stories and fantastical ideas, exploring the importance of remembering and sharing stories.

While the space is small and does look somewhat ad-hoc, it’s very well done for a pop-up theatre, and the story is beautiful, a very different festive play that should perhaps have come with an age or content warning as it does touch on some sensitive topics. Still, a great experience all around, I can’t wait to see what Greenhouse Theatre come up with next.

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