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26 November 2023
Sam Wanamaker Playhouse at the Globe Theatre
5.0 out of 5.0 stars

I love the beautiful intimacy of the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse at the Globe theatre. It’s always such a privilege to view a show lit entirely by candlelight in this small venue.

Ghosts is one of the productions of the current season, written by Henrik Ibsen, first performed in 1882. Despite this, the production feels fresh and relevant.

Helene tries to hold on to the lies she has told for decades to protect the legacy of her late husband, going as far as spending years weaving lies to convince her son Osvald that his father was a saint. But as her life unravels around her, she has to confront the truth to liberate her beloved child who is grappling with dark truths of his own.

This production is absolutely stellar, breathtaking from beginning to end! The stage completely dressed in thick, dark red, fluffy carpeting, with huge mirrors covering the back wall, it is bare and minimal, but warm and inviting all the same. There are no props, no big effects, just the actors and their words, and the ever lowering and raising chandeliers lighting the scene in an eerie, flickering light.

It’s absolutely beautiful in its devastating, emotional depths, keeping the audience fully engaged for its 110 minute runtime, with no interval. Another stunning production in a stunning venue!

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