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Infinite Life

Infinite Life
23 November 2023
National Theatre
3.0 out of 5.0 stars

Infinite Life, at the National Theatre, is an interesting one to review. Parts of it seem incredibly mundane, while others feel profound. A play that has something to say, but doesn’t really come to a conclusion.

Northern California, an expensive treatment centre, five women try to combat their chronic pain through, of all things, water fasting. While their energy dwindles, their minds race and they talk, day and night, about the profane and the profound. Their conversations are at times hilarious, at times devastating, but most of all, they’re fragmented, like the snippets of conversations caught in a busy room, never fully coming together to paint a picture.

The 105 minute run time, without an interval, doesn’t sound like a very long one, but it sure feels it. Since there are no scene changes, just a row of sun loungers with patients occasionally changing places, it is only the conversations that fill the time. And while there are no boring moments, there is also very little character development or plot to speak of.

This really is just an observation of a variety of people with similar problems that they are desperate to solve by any means necessary, chatting their time idly away while occasionally saying a profound thing of two.

I didn’t dislike the show, it was impactful and different, but I also wouldn’t hurry back to see it again.

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