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Do You Believe In Ghosts?

Do You Believe In Ghosts?
31 October 2023
Adelphi Theatre
3.5 out of 5.0 stars

On Halloween, I trekked down to the Adelphi Theatre to see Do You Believe In Ghosts, billed as an experiential ghost hunting investigation blurring the lines between entertainment and the paranormal.

Our main host, Adam Hart, sets a great mood, introducing himself by giving a short rundown of his acting history, then jumping into talking about theatre ghosts, mentioning some of the most famous ones, and of course explaining what a ghost light is. It’s a fun, light beginning to the show and feels very engaging and fun. There are a few spooky effects, but nothing too silly to begin with.

His stage manager, Steve Johnson, is a great asset, interjecting at times with worried but timid comments, setting the scene for further spooky happenings down the road.

Once paranormal “expert” Joanna Rodgers joins, things become a bit gimmicky. Unfortunately her acting does not feel as effortless and natural as Steve and Adam, which does dampen the mood a bit and leads to the show feeling sillier than it is meant to. I tried to look past that and just enjoy the action, but this did become increasingly more difficult, as Joanna took a larger role but did so incredibly unconvincingly, sounding stilted and rehearsed.

Apart from that, it’s a really fun, jump-scary, dark but not dreary, spooky show with some great props and convincing effects. It’s a bit kitsch and a bit over the top, which I myself happen to intensely enjoy.

Don’t expect a terrifying experience, but if you like ghost stories and spoopy horror content, this show will definitely entertain you!

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