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Priory Estate Farm

Priory Estate Farm
14 October 2014
Priory Farm
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

More spooky season shenanigans, though this one isn’t actually very scary at all.

I headed down to Priory Estate Farm to check out their Halloween Discovery Land Trail, and of course the pumpkin field and farm shop!

This is definitely an experience aimed at families, which I was well aware of before booking, but nothing wrong with a long day out in nature engaging in silly family entertainment!

The Halloween trail is really not spooky at all, but so adorable and fun to follow! There is a long walk through the estate to find secret words hidden on fun skeleton animals. The trail goes through light woodlands, where fairies and mud monsters are at home, with small play buildings to climb into, lots of decorations to gawk at, before it leads into hilly meadows with an adventure playground and more fun Halloween decorations.

The farm also offers BBQ, giant marshmallows to toast over a fire pit, a good selection of hot and cold drinks, and tractor trailer rides out to the pumpkin fields! The fields themselves were quite funny, as it is obviously just a grassy spot with pumpkins of all shapes and sizes strewn about, not an actual pumpkin field. Still, it’s fun and trailer ride is definitely worth it!

At the end, we visited the very well stocked farm shop, where we spent entirely too much time and too much money on gourmet goodies.

We had such a fun day, whether you’re a family looking for seasonal entertainment, or young at heart and willing to climb over obstacles built for kids, Priory Estate Discovery Land is a lot of fun to wander through!

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