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Ghost Hunt

Ghost Hunt
13 October 2023
Bethnal Green
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

It is spooky season! It is time for haunted houses!

Screamworks is running a haunted house in Bethnal Green, and I just had to check it out. With a friend in tow, I headed down the Paradise Row on a rainy Friday the 13th to see what this one’s all about. I had very little idea what to expect, and was honestly so impressed with the show!

The backstory: October 1937, the Luff family is found murdered in their home in Paradise Row. Mother Elsie, daughters Anna and Maria, and father Geoffrey are dead, son Arthur and the family’s lodger Mr. Fu are missing. What happened in this building and where are the two missing people? Only the ghosts of the dead can reveal the truth, and it is our job to wander through the abandoned building and unravel the mystery.

For our time slot, there were just the two of us, which was good as I think larger groups wouldn’t really work in this cramped, creepy environment. We’re only given small torches that barely give out any light, making each room incredibly spooky, with ghostly moving furniture, and hints towards the horrible events strewn throughout. We soon came across the first ghost, carefully choosing how we interact before proceeding to the next room.

Along the way, we picked up a solo-attendee, who got stuck in a room that he couldn’t find his way out of. He seemed quite glad that he could now come along with us, rather than being confronted with narrow hallways, completely dark rooms, and intense ghostly apparitions on his own. I wouldn’t have wanted to be stuck in this experience on my own either!

The story is well crafted, and really well acted. There are a lot of choices to make along the way, asking the right questions gets you further into the story and finally to the big reveal at the end.

While it only took us about 35 minutes to get through the haunted building, it was a fantastic experience that we all enjoyed massively! Can definitely recommend this Halloween treat!

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