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The Third Man

The Third Man
07 September 2023
Menier Chocolate Factory
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Post-war Vienna, American author Holly Martins arrives on the invitation of his friend Harry Lime, but is shocked to find out that Harry recently passed in a tragic traffic accident. He attends the funeral and soon gets suspicious about the different stories being told about the incident. Curious and confused, he delves into a world of military police, abject poverty, political tension, and dazzling cabaret performers.

How did his friend really die? Who is lying and why? Was Harry really involved in black market deals? And who was the third man seen at the site of the accident?

The Third Man is a well paced musical that has charm and a distinct noir feel to it. While the plot itself is somewhat predictable and a bit silly, the performances are memorable and heartfelt.

If you like a murder mystery type detective drama, this musical is definitely for you!

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