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Dumbledore is SO gay

Dumbledore is SO gay
18 August 2023
Southwark Playhouse Borough
5.0 out of 5.0 stars

Dumbledore is SO gay, currently running at the Southwark Playhouse Borough, is a beautifully queer coming of age story.

Jack is a huge Harry Potter fan, a Hufflepuff, coming to terms with being gay, figuring out how to come out to a resistant and homophobic society, and dreaming of his best friend falling in love with him. But when things don’t turn out the way he had hoped, he wonders, if you had Hermione’s time turner, what part of your life would you go back and change?

This play is an absolute must-see for anyone trying to reconcile their love of the Harry Potter universe with their more complicated feelings about what its author has become, those bemoaning the dearth of queer characters in the books themselves, and of course LGBT+ people who enjoy coming of age stories with history.

Going through different possibilities of what his life could have been, Jack forges a path for himself, standing up for his right to be who he really is, and confronting those who want to keep him in the closet.

The play is incredibly funny, high energy, and life affirming, while also diving into darker topics and not shying away from confronting stereotypes, questioning oppression-bingo, and examining how even our seemingly more open and accepting world today is still impacting young people trying to find themselves.

I absolutely loved this production and cannot recommend it enough!

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