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A Strange Loop

A Strange Loop
06 July 2023
Barbican Theatre
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

A Strange Loop came highly recommended, so I had to see it for myself.

Usher, who works as an usher, is a Black gay man writing a musical about an usher named Usher, a Black gay man, writing a musical about an usher named Usher, a Black gay man, writing a musical about an usher…

Accompanied on stage by his six inner thoughts, including “daily self-loathing” and “sexual ambivalence”, Usher writes the story of his life while living it, examining the world from fat, Black, queer perspective. And right from the first song, the audience is thrown into the depths of it.

While many of the songs are upbeat and hilarious, there are dark corners with dark thoughts lurking around every corner. With extremely religious parents, Usher is under pressure to create something that they could be proud of, while really wanting to explore his place in the world and direction his life should be moving towards.

We see the story unfold while it is written, interrupted by Usher’s inner thoughts as well as outside influences, A Strange Loop is a beautiful exploration of queerness, of fatness, and of course of living in a Black body. The main character is plagued by self-doubt and anger, while being sweet, vulnerable, and compassionate, navigating fatphobia, homophobia, and racism. It’s a powerful show that manages to balance dark and devastating moments with funny and uplifting ones, shining a light on lived experiences we rarely get to see explored on stage, or in media in general.

If you have the chance to see A Strange Loop, do yourself the favour and see this magnificent show!

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