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Wizard Of Oz

Wizard Of Oz
28 June 2023
London Palladium
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Ah, another classic musical, in a new production. The Wizard Of Oz, currently touring through the UK, had a stop at the Palladium and I had to catch it to check it out.

While this production stuck quite closely to the original work, it did spruce things up quite a bit with a large projection screen in the background, adding movement and magic to the scenery through dynamic graphics and animations, especially in movement-heavy scenes. A beautiful way to keep the stage design somewhat minimal, while maximising modern technological possibilities to keep things moving.

The enthusiastic cast did the rest to create a beautiful show that was a joy to watch from beginning to end. Especially little Toto, an animated puppet brought to life by an on-stage puppeteer bringing movement and personality to the adorable little dog.

With big show tunes and colourful costumes, it really is a gorgeous production that is definitely worth a visit!

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