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Post Traumatic Slay Disorder

Post Traumatic Slay Disorder
24 June 2023
Soho Theatre
2.5 out of 5.0 stars

I got to catch the recent run of Lois-Amber Toole’s Post Traumatic Slay Disorder at the Seven Dials Playhouse, a dark comedy about Gen Z and their approach to mental health.

The show revolves around 20-something waitress Kit, who recently moved to London with a fresh diagnosis of PTSD, but seems to view her mental health issues as more of a fashionable challenge than anything to take seriously. The one-person show is entirely set in a small, but cutely decorated, living room set, and aided by voice-overs from any characters that aren’t Kit.

Starting off with a joked-about, and discussed as a challenge to be won, eating disorder assessment, during which Kit laments that she is just above underweight and as such will only receive talk therapy, rather than being sent to the treatment facility she reverently fantasises about. After this, she rambles through a variety of scenes of her everyday life, in which she pretends to be famous on social media, indulges into Gen Z stereotypes and myths, and generally seems like an insufferable and entirely self-absorbed, vapid person. While this is definitely a choice, it does become grating and boring after a while.

The show comes into its own in the last fifteen minutes or so, when Kit opens up about her actual feelings and experiences, and becomes a more fully formed and realistic person, rather than a walking stereotype of what Gen Zs might be seen as today. This final part of the one-hour show is a lot more compelling and emotional, feels real, and holds the audience’s attention more than the preceding 50 minutes.

Overall, it’s an interesting concept but feels like it needs a lot more work to become a successful show. The feel throughout was more of a work-in-progress with rough edges, a bit shallow and not fully thought through. It does have a lot of potential, with some work on the main character and the way the story is presented, it could be absolutely fantastic.

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