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My Secret Murders

My Secret Murders
10 June 2023
Crime Con London
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

During my visit to Crime Con I got to attend the world premier of My Secret Murders, a multi-media play based on journalist Fred Harrisons prison interviews with Ian Brady, known as the Moors Murderer.

In 1983, Harrison first contacted Brady in prison. After an exchange of letters, Brady invited Harrison to visit him in prison. Armed with a hidden tape recorder, Harrison set out to find out more about Brady and Hindley, and the crimes they may have committed that were yet to be uncovered.

The play is presented with video and sound material projected onto two large screens, as well as two actors sitting at a desk, reading the letters and word exchanges of Harrison and Brady. It is a tense, fascinating setting, delving into the details of the story and unveiling how the journalist managed to get the notorious murderer to open up about his past.

While I was unfortunately only able to stay for the first act due to the late start of the show and the long day I had spent at Crime Con, I did purchase the play text to read through act two. I hope this play tours in the area soon so I can revisit it and see the whole show this time round. It is rare to see a show based entirely on fact, in the true crime genre, without sensationalising or exaggerating the story. My Secret Murders is a fascinating exploration of a true story through a multi-media lens.

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