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08 June 2023
The Hope Theatre
5.0 out of 5.0 stars

Snakehead is a modern interpretation of the Medusa myth, taking the character’s origin story and creating a modern day simile, giving her a voice and questioning who the real villain in this story is.

With a noisy, art rock soundscape, this musical is a powerful examination of victimhood, women’s role in society, and how easily stories are spun in the perpetrators favour.

A young woman named simply “M”, living in a small coastal town with few prospects and no future, meets a rich man on holiday from London. They become embroiled in a romance and she is whisked away to his high society life in the bustling metropolis. But when she doesn’t fit in with the sparkling posh society he mingles with, things take an ugly turn. Discredited and smeared in public, she wrestles with the consequences thrown onto her.

Giving the power to tell her own story back to the protagonist, Snakehead is a strong and heavy show, with surprising twists and a stunning soundtrack. There’s comfort in the chaos when M takes her life into her own hands, examines her past and forges her own future.

While this is a small and very loud show, it’s a beautiful and compelling examination of women’s stories in myth and modern society.

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