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The Comedy Of Errors

The Comedy Of Errors
30 May 2023
The Globe
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Ah, probably one of the most ridiculous Shakespeare comedies, the current production of The Comedy Of Errors at the Globe theatre is absolutely hilarious.

Two pairs of twins, separated as young children and settled in rival cities, inadvertently going by the same names. Antipholus, and his servant Dromio, one pair settled in Syracuse, the other in Ephesus. Some twenty years later, Antipholus and Dromio from Syracuse arrive by chance in Ephesus, a series of mistaken identity effects spiral towards a spectacular finale.

The beautifully dressed set reminds of a dock packed with crates, heads on spikes sprouting from all sides to signify the severe punishments this city doles out often. Actors are transported to and from the stage in boats driven through the standing audience. It’s an absolute spectacle.

This farce is truly hilarious, the mistaken identity stick played to death in the most entertaining fashion. While there’s no deep moral meaning to be found necessarily, if you need a good laugh, this one’s for you!

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