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Blanket Ban

Blanket Ban
25 April 2023
Southwark Playhouse Borough
5.0 out of 5.0 stars

Malta has a blanket ban on abortions. Marta Vella and Davinia Hamilton love their home country, but they don’t hold back on their criticism of this policy.

Meeting after the two moved to London independently, they united in their nostalgic love for Malta, and in their critique of how it treats its pregnant people. Having worked on an idea for this show before Covid, the interviews they conducted throughout lockdown opened a whole new line of questions. If the only way to have an abortion is to leave your country of residence, what happens when the borders close and you are no longer able to travel?

Sprinkling memories of their beautiful childhoods in Malta throughout the show, and interspersing them with personal, and researched experiences of pregnant people seeking, or medically needing, abortions, it’s quite a ride. From gushing about the people and the lifestyle in their home country, to telling the harrowing tale of a woman left to carry out a pregnancy for months after the fetus had already died inside her, Blanket Ban is captivating. Funny and devastating in equal measure, it’s a brilliant examination of Maltese, as well as British, abortion laws and their consequences.

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