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The Dry House

The Dry House
06 April 2023
Marylebone Theatre
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

The Dry House is an intensely emotional play tackling loss and addiction.

Set in a small Irish town, the play revolves around Chrissy and her sister Claire. Chrissy has been struggling with alcoholism after she lost her daughter to an intentional car crash. For years, she has been unable to take care of herself, or to cope with the grief and guilt. Claire made her promise to go to the Dry House, a clinic specialising in addiction treatment, but Chrissy insists she needs one last drink this morning before she is able to leave and kick it forever. The two sisters go through an emotional roller coaster in the run-up to leaving for the clinic.

With a gentle approach that doesn’t attempt to clean up the devastation grief and addiction can cause in people’s lives, this play may not be easy watching, but it’s an important look at real life issues that people deal with every single day. Often hidden from society, clouded in shame, The Dry House brings these issues to the forefront, delving into people’s motivations and struggles.

It’s a harsh look at a life falling apart, and the life of a close relative trying to hold it together. It’s a powerful, dynamic, devastating play that sews seeds of hope among the destruction.

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