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04 April 2023
Soho Theatre
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

SAP is one of those plays that stays with you in your thoughts for quite a while.

Presented as a two-hander in this production, the story revolves around a young woman who tells a small lie to her girlfriend in a moment of distress. But this lie grows to something much bigger, more sinister in just a short time.

After a string of unsuccessful romances, the protagonist finally meets someone who seems right for her in every way. Their romance is fast and intense, but at a family gathering, she discovers that her partner’s brother is no stranger to her. The brother takes advantage of the secrecy to exploit the woman, and she feels powerless to stop this. It quickly devolves into threatening and inappropriate behaviour.

There are not many plays out there that tackle bi-sexuality, and this one does so intensely. With many ups and downs, and a haunting portrayal of the power dynamics between predatory men and cornered women, SAP is an intense experience. A beautifully presented, touching play with so much depth and emotion. An absolute triumph!

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