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Villain Interrupted

Villain Interrupted
18 March 2023
Vault Festival
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Villain Interrupted merges comic book themes with live theatre, assisted with gorgeous shadow-puppetry that often places comic book frames onto the backdrop, really pulling the whole story together.

Gina is a therapist who until recently has been working in a facility for “powered people” who have committed crimes. In this world, people with superpowers exist, and if they are convicted of a crime, they are indefinitely confined to a facility designed specifically for them, with measures to stop them from using their powers. But Gina, young and full of brilliant ideas, believes she can redeem them and help them re-integrate into society without being a danger to anyone.

In her first therapy group, she meets King Cobra, a drug lord who sold her own venom as a strong hallucinogen, Lady Injustice, two college kids merged into one body, one being a social activist, the other a pampered rich boy, and Ink Lord, an artist whose drawings come to life and can wreak havoc. Gina works hard to try to connect to these people and help them understand themselves and the world they live in from another perspective. But of course things go horribly wrong.

Villain Interrupted is a brilliant, funny, and poignant piece, full of comic references, social questions, and dreams of a better world with more understanding for everyone.

A fantastic performance that I hope will grow into a larger run at a larger theatre eventually.

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