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Criminally Untrue

Criminally Untrue
18 March 2023
Vault Festival
3.0 out of 5.0 stars

Another improv show focused on the currently very popular true-crime genre. Criminally Untrue is an improvised true crime documentary that relies on audience suggestions to spin its yarn.

For the show I attended, we landed on a theme of a Mississippi Fun Fair that had all its bumper cars stolen overnight. The troupe drew up a variety of fun characters that were invested in this tale, but seemed to get confused about their own improvised plot at times, sometimes derailing each other’s scenes in a disconnected way. This is, of course, a risk that any improv show runs.

While the structure and basic idea of the this show were very entertaining, I do think the company could have pushed for a more interesting premise to work with, as it did seem like a very low-stake and silly crime to try to build a mockumentary around.

Still, it was a funny show that I enjoyed, I’d definitely like to see it with a different premise though to see what the group can do with a higher stakes theme to build their characters and stories around.

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