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07 March 2023
Vault Festival
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

ReMythed takes on a great task of re-inserting queer people into the myths and stories they have been erased from for too long. It’s a whirlwind show, running through a myriad of well known myths and legends, re-telling them from a queer perspective, adding gay, lesbian, bi, trans, non-binary, and other characters to the stories, making them more poignant, and celebratory of queer existence.

We’ve always been around, but for millennia we have been removed from history, erased from stories, cleansed from myths, to make them more palatable to heteronormative standards. ReMythed flips this on the head and generously sprinkles these characters into well known stories to bring focus back onto them.

It’s a powerful, heartfelt show full of joy! 

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