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Locomotive For Murder

Locomotive For Murder
04 March 2023
Vault Festival
4.5 out of 5.0 stars

Now this is how you do improvised theatre! Locomotive For Murder by Pinch Punch theatre was just a delight from start to finish. You never know what you’ll get with improv theatre, but with this troupe, you’ll definitely get first class entertainment!

Before the show started, the actors roam around the audience, asking for secrets, experiences with murder solving, and generally having a chat. Once the show gets going, some of these tid-bits are immediately incorporated, to everyone’s delight.

From the destination to the characters, everything is fully improvised. The only constant is, that this murder mystery happens on a train. The audience gets to decide where the train goes to, and even who will die, and who will be accused.

The group included so many details from audience interactions into the story they wove, it was absolutely delightful to watch. The jokes just keep on coming, while the audience, and the detective, try to figure out who committed the murder and why.

In this instance, we all miserably failed in solving the mystery, but we had a hell of a time anyway! Locomotive For Murder was one of the best improv shows I’ve seen, and I’ll definitely be back to see another one!

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