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The Great British Bake Off Musical

The Great British Bake Off Musical
02 March 2023
Noel Coward Theatre
5.0 out of 5.0 stars

I was sceptical about this one. The beloved show brought to the musical stage? There’s so much that could go wrong. But I was completely surprised with how fun and joyful this musical turned out to be!

The Great British Bake Off is a behemoth of the entertainment industry, and it’s just gotten a cheesy musical makeover! And a very successful one at that.

Re-creating the famous tent on the stage, and filling it with larger-than-life characters is just the beginning. Add in the two hilarious hosts, Pam Lee, the older woman who has written numerous cook books, and Phil Hollinghurst, the “blue-eyed baker” whose handshake is coveted among contestants, and you have a recipe for success!

While there is a heart-warming story spun throughout the show, the main focus is definitely on the brilliant characterisations of the contestants. From the vegan baker who lives on a long-boat, to the middle class high-achiever who things winning would come natural to her, there’s something for everyone. Each character is crafted so expertly, they do come across as slightly heightened versions of regular people you’d see competing on the show.

With a large dose of poking fun at the most memorable parts of the show itself, the musical is an absolute delight, brimming with joy and excitement. The Great British Bake Off Musical is so much better than I could have ever imagined, and such a fun night out that’ll leave a huge smile on your face!

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