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Cirque Du Temps

Cirque Du Temps
25 February 2023
Vault Festival
2.0 out of 5.0 stars

Having booked almost 40 shows over the course of the Vault Festival, I knew there would be a few that weren’t necessarily for me, and this is unfortunately one of them.

Cirque Du Temps is set up like an old-timey circus show, and don’t get me wrong, the performers are absolutely fantastic! There’s a great set of skills at work here, with a variety of aerial performances. But the way the whole thing was set up didn’t sit quite right with me. It is 2023, and using “the painted lady” (a performer covered in temporary tattoos) and even conjoined twins (two performers had their dresses sewn together at the hip) as gimmicks in the show just feels incredibly outdated. Much like the rest of the show. It would likely have fit comfortably into the 60s, but if you’re looking for a modern twist on circus performances, this isn’t it.

The running order of the acts also didn’t seem very well thought out, with some of the most impressive acts being at the top of the show, and the rest just feeling very samey and repetitive after that.

The performers on their own, without the awful gimmicks, would have been fantastic. But the way it was all put together just felt odd and exploitative for some reason. Big thumbs down from me.

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