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23 February 2023
Charring Cross Theatre
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

This one is one of those shows that I booked months and months ahead of time, and it finally came around!

George Takei’s Allegiance tells the story of a family torn apart during a time of great turmoil. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, Japanese Americans are forcibly relocated to internment camps, where they live in squalor. Through the unjust and challenging obstacles, two lines of thought develop in the camps: Enlist and fight for America to prove their allegiance, or resist and fight the injustice from within. As Sam Kimura becomes a war hero, his sister falls in with the resistance, pitting the siblings against each other as they both do what they think is best for their people.

The subject matter is quite dark and serious, but the musical manages to be incredibly uplifting, even joyful in places! Mixing traditional Japanese music with upbeat 40s sounds gives the show a very distinct personality. Throw in the very well developed characters and motivations, and you have a highly entertaining, very touching, and intense show.

From laughing out loud, to tears flowing, the audience was put through their paces with this beautifully crafted show. Don’t miss this uplifting musical, it’s full of surprises and deeply life affirming.

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