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Arcadia 87

Arcadia 87
18 February 2023
Vault Festival
3.0 out of 5.0 stars

Another full day at the Vault Festival had me see Arcadia 87 as part of my show selection that day.

Set in an arcade on Brighton Palace Pier in 1987, the action takes place on a rainy day, with several people trying to take shelter from the storm in the arcade. But as they discover they are locked in and the machines are starting to act strangely, secrets are spilled and bizarre twists and turns revealed.

The show is definitely styled perfectly 80s, and an arcade is the perfect setting for it, but I did feel that the plot didn’t really translate to the stage as well as it could. Perhaps the particular location was partially to blame, being a long and narrow bricked tunnel with benches arranged lengthwise on one side, there was just so much space and not much to do with it! A smaller, more defined stage would have definitely worked better for this particular show.

But I do think the plot itself wasn’t presented very cohesively and clearly. It would definitely work better in a short film production, where the individual stories of each character could be presented with more depth and detail. The way it was presented here, it did feel a bit lacklustre and underdeveloped, though I did like the general theme quite a lot.

There’s definitely room for improvement with a solid base to build on.

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