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24 February 2023
Shoreditch Town Hall
5.0 out of 5.0 stars

Having massively enjoyed I, Joan at the Globe last year, I knew I had to see writer Charlie Josephine’s new work, Flies, now playing at the Shoreditch Town Hall.

The show tackles teenage girls’ and young women’s experiences of coming to terms with the male gaze and its effects. What does it mean to be looked at, to be observed, to be evaluated, appraised, classified, measured, judged with every step you take.

Seven girls whirl across the stage, telling of their experiences and revelations, stories all too familiar to anyone socialised and perceived as female in the western world. Interspersed with dance and physical comedy, the show is an intense ride, teetering between elation and desperation, but never veering too far off track.

Yes, the show is uncomfortable in parts, but uncomfortable in the way that helps you learn and grow, makes you sit in your discomfort and stew in it for a while, as you dissect it and analyse it.

An energetic piece that asks more questions than it answers, but is thought provoking and inspiring in equal measure.

Flies is a gorgeous examination of modern femininity, coming of age challenges, and the beauty of friendships between girls. A challenging and stunning piece, definitely get yourself down to Shoreditch Town Hall which it is still running!

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