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The Bean Spillers

The Bean Spillers
11 February 2023
Vault Festival
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

I love a good improv show, and an improv musical even more so! The Bean Spillers take this to a new level by inviting the audience to give them a good bit of gossip to turn into a musical.

Of course, each show is completely different dependant on the kind of gossip that is presented, but this troupe did seem extremely well in-tune with each other, tackling the challenge of creating music on the fly with style and humour.

For our performance, the winning piece of gossip was that of an audience member’s flatmate having found out during lockdown that they had 600 siblings! The story of how that came about is a bit dark, involving a fertility clinic and very unethical conduct, but the musical woven from this bit of juicy gossip was absolutely delightful! Inhabiting a variety of different characters, it became a musical about family, crime, and second chances.

The different characters were signified by an endless parade of different hats, which of course went with a plethora of accents and pitches to go along with them. Gleefully picking up each and every cue of their co-performers, the Bean Spillers created a mostly cohesive and extremely hilarious musical with many ups and downs, bringing the audience to uproarious laughter and jeering.

I will definitely attend this troupe’s shows again if I get the chance, this is improv at its best!

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