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The Silver Bell

The Silver Bell
11 February 2023
Vault Theatre
5.0 out of 5.0 stars

Another Vault Festival show, and what a show it was!

The Silver Bell is a beautiful and heart wrenching love story, told by Mico and James. At first, it seems like just a sweet story of two men meeting by chance and falling in love, but as the story unfolds, we find out that James was diagnosed with MND a few years into their relationship, and went through deteriorating changes and finally a slow, heartbreaking death. Upon losing the love of his life, Mico uses his scientific knowledge to create a way to travel to other universes, endless slightly similar but yet very different iterations of reality, where he goes on an endless search for James, his James, minus the devastating diagnosis.

Going through a myriad of failed attempts, and of course also those where James had already found and fallen in love with a parallel universe Mico, he goes through devastating discoveries and a succession of failed attempts, until the James on stage, the one so very similar to his lost love, questions the point of the whole endeavour, opening Mico’s heart to another option of handling his loss that he had previously never considered.

A very touching and beautiful work that questions the meaning of love and personality, the whole point of existing and how we approach love in the first place.

The Silver Bell is a fantastic show, that deeply touched me, and that I cannot recommend enough!

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